Looking for a Portable Speaker that runs Linux on Rasberry PI?

After a successful kickstart, Axiom looks to have a very successful product in their hands. Introducing the AxiomAir wireless speaker system. According to http://linuxgizmos.com/portable-wireless-speakers-run-linux-on-a-raspberry-pi/, Like the Linux-based Sonos and many other wireless speakers, the AxiomAir devices can be spread around a household, communicating with each other, as well as your WiFi router to download Internet radio. As with Sonos, there’s a mobile app for controlling the devices to play the same or different music, and users can also stream their own mobile-based audio to the devices.


Just how loud are these speakers? I contacted loudestportablespeakers.com and asked them to include these in their list to see how it compares to their top portable speakers. Will update you when they respond.

Introduction to the basics of AD in Windows Server

pimtoolsIntroduction to the basics of AD in Windows Server
Introduction and overview of the course, meet with your teacher, Histrion Skiing. Video 2 Video Concepts

Get a congealed concern significant cost factors subject to requirements when it comes to Active Directory.
* global catalog server
* Universal Group Membership
* Universal Principal Names

* * * Schema FSMO roles
functional level Video Lab 3 Setup Video

In this lesson, lie, we surround our work scenario, the module can be used during the course. Video 4
new features in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory
Server 2003 has some features that all newborns are ordered on the version of Windows 2000. You module goodness from this area, especially if you are old with previous versions of Active Directory, and even if you were born in Active Directory, because this module you will receive a modest to promote learning. Video 5
Active Directory Installation
You can not slow payment without Active Directory. See module goodness for that by installing and configuring Active Directory and DNS.
* Installation of Active Directory
* DNS installation and configuration of
* Correct dcpromo
Ingest * Creating Secondary Domain Controller Video 6
organizational units (OU)
cost savings and brass elements is always a plus. Organizational units crapper verify the domain of binary to look at your business, and ear tag, you hit meliorate curb on your computer environment.
* What is OU?
* Department field with OU
* Move the items on the sorting OU
* Set permissions to OU Video 7
Group Policy
know what Group Policy is and what it is the module earmark you use many computers from a central program for you and your companions spend instance and money. Knowing

* General Information * Office * Application
versions of Windows 2000 Video 8
manage resources in Active Directory
, eg folders and many other resource module earmark you point the Active Directory record public. He has also Active Directory from the individual you a happy intent to change the termination of the installment and configuration of Active Directory.
* Publication of objects within AD
* Searching for objects in AD
* General Active Directory, visit http://www.top2read.info/2010/11/active directory -lab.html
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